Hello! We are the Marine Wahines; a group of 8th grade students from Brewster Middle School . We are currently competing in a challenge called eCybermission where we have to use math and science to find a way to better our community. The topic we have decided to do our eCybermission on is compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFL's. The thing that draws people to buying these light bulbs is promises of high energy savings and lower emissions. This is actually true, but unfortunately many people don't know that each light bulb contains 5 milligrams of mercury, and even less people know that these light bulbs need to be carefully recycled. The amount of people buying these light bulbs is getting higher and higher each year, and many stores promoting the light bulbs aren't mentioning that they need to be recycled. The Marine Wahine's goal is to make it easier to recycle these lightbulbs.

What Makes a CFL Tick?

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